Riesling is doubtlessly Germany's most celebrated grape variety and numbers among the economic mainstays of the German wine industry. With 22,600 hectacres (ha), Germany is the home of the world's largest vineyard area devoted to Riesling, well ahead of Australia and France, which rank second and third, respectively.

In all, 22% of Germany's vineyard area is planted with Riesling. As such, it is the most important German wine grape. Riesling is grown in all 13 German wine-growing regions, but the extent of its presence varies from region to region. In the Rheingau, for example, Riesling makes up 80% of the region's vineyard area. Other Riesling strongholds are the Pfalz (5,500 ha), the Mosel (5,300 ha), Rheinhessen (3,900 ha), Württemberg (2,100 ha), Baden (1,100 ha), and the Nahe (1,100 ha).