Winemaker Spotlights

Meet the winemakers behind your favorite German wines! In our series “Whose *Wine* Is It Anyway?” we profile a German estate and delve into the story and background of the people behind the wines.

Meet Dominik Meyer

Based in the Mosel, Moselland is one of the largest Riesling producers in Germany, producing wine from dozens of small growers across four winegrowing regions. While officially bearing the title of “Winemaker,” Dominik Meyer oversees much more at Moselland – working with both the winemaking and sales teams, running special projects, and setting the cooperative’s strategy and philosophy.

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Meet Stefan Doktor

Known as one of the most celebrated Riesling producers in the world, the first producer of Spätlese (late harvest) Riesling, and the first producer of Eiswein, Schloss Johannisberg has been synonymous with German wine for 1,200 years. It takes a qualified wine expert to carry on that prestige – Stefan Doktor!

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Meet Caroline Diel

Located in the Nahe, Schlossgut Diel has been known for producing exceptional wines for seven generations, with Caroline Diel carrying on “tradition that looks to the future” as current winemaker and proprietor. The combination of exceptional vineyard sites, vineyard management, and winemaking has led the Schlossgut to receive continued acclaim.

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Meet Volker Raumland

Volker Raumland helped transform the international reputation of high-quality German Sekt. Sekthaus Raumland, located in Rheinhessen, was the first sparkling wine-focused estate ever accepted into the Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP) in late 2019. Over the years, Volker Raumland’s skill and passion for German sparkling wine earned him the nickname of the Sektpapst, or the Pope of Sekt.

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Meet Konrad Salwey

Konrad Salwey showcases his creativity through the art of winemaking. Located in Baden, the Salwey estate’s commitment to innovation rivals its prioritization of simplicity, producing dry wines mostly from Pinot varieties. The unique volcanic topography of their premium vineyard sites and the ideal aging environment of the mountain cellar, coupled with Konrad’s expertise and willingness to experiment, make for some of Germany’s most prized Pinot Noir.

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Meet Ulrich Stein

Ulrich Stein’s winemaking philosophy famously balances reverence for tradition and a rule-breaking spirit. Cultivating some of the steepest, lowest-yielding vineyards in the Mosel, Ulli makes traditional wines like Riesling as well as once-banned non-traditional varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

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Meet Philipp Wittmann

The Wittmann family has been tending to vines in the village of Westhofen since the 17th century. But the current owner Philipp Wittmann is leading the estate – and the region of Rheinhessen – to the future with his dedication to organic and biodynamic winemaking and the “Message In A Bottle” campaign. Get to know Philipp’s story!

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Meet Stefan Vetter

The spotlight’s on Stefan Vetter, a winemaker who has been central to the revival of Silvaner in the Franken region of Germany. Vetter farms organically, working old vines on steep, terraced vineyards, where harvesting is done manually. He focuses mainly on Silvaner, exploring the grape’s full potential and establishing his Silvaner-based wines as some of the most celebrated in Germany.

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Meet Marcel and Marius Dillmann

Brothers Marcel and Marius Dillmann are the winemakers behind Weingut Karlo Dillmann from the Rheingau region. Marcel and Marius represent the next generation of German vintners who are eagerly reinventing German winemaking. Together, the second-generation wine growers are introducing sustainable measures into their vineyards, modernizing the estate’s wine house, and rebranding Dillmann wines with their edginess.

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Meet Stefan, Philipp and Georg Rumpf

From Germany’s Nahe region, Kruger-Rumpf exemplifies the innovative spirit reshaping the German wine industry. Led by Stefan Rumpf and his sons Philipp and Georg, the family’s winemaking philosophy balances continuous experimentation with traditional winemaking methods, resulting in world-class wines that reflect each site’s distinct terroir.

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Meet Steffen and Sophie Christmann

Weingut Christmann dates back to the 16th century, but continues to evolve and adapt – perfectly epitomizing the intersection of tradition and innovation at the heart of the German wine industry. Get to know the father-daughter duo, Steffen and Sophie, who manage the Pfalz winery today.

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Meet Meike and Dörte Näkel

Introducing the women behind Weingut Meyer-Näkel, sister winemakers Meike and Dörte Näkel from Germany’s Ahr region. Meyer-Näkel is a member estate of the German association Fair ‘N Green, which provides guidance, standards, and certification for winemakers practicing sustainable and biodynamic viticulture.

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Meet Julia Bertram

One of Germany’s most buzzed-about young women winemakers is Julia Bertram of the Ahr region! Julia was elected the 64th German Wine Queen, serving as international ambassador for the German Wine Institute from 2012-2013 before taking over her family’s estate. Julia has since married fellow winemaker Benedikt Baltes and officially transitioned from Weingut Julia Bertram to Weingut Bertram-Baltes as of March 2020.

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