The German Wine Region You’ve Probably Overlooked


The Nahe — A Study in Soil Diversity

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Offering a range of styles and flavors, riesling is the wine lover’s wine

Chicago Tribune

There are a few things about riesling that we can count on for sure. One is that it is pronounced “REECE-ling,” with an “s” sound and not a “z” sound.

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Five Chicago fast-food wine pairings

Chicago Reader

At last, the classics get the respect they deserve.

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White Pinot Noir Is Rare, Refreshing, and Quietly Trending


An uncommon style of French wine is in the midst of an international renaissance. Cooly refreshing white Pinot Noir is made from red wine grapes, much like Blanc de Noirs Champagne. 

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Dessert Wine Is the New Scotch


Sommeliers are making a serious play for your after-dinner drink. Here are six styles to look for.

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Sparkling Wines You Should Be Drinking Right Now (That Aren’t Champagne)


For centuries, sparkling wine has been synonymous with celebration. From the royal courts in 18th century France, to your cousin’s wedding, midnight on New Year’s Eve, and other life milestones, someone, somewhere was definitely shouting, “pop the Champagne!”

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Germany: Light, Refreshing and Underrated

If you think you know German wine, think again. German wines are some of the most complex, interesting and delicious wines in the world.

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How German Winemakers Are Quietly Conquering the World

The Wall Street Journal

While they wait for their native varieties to catch on globally, they’re priming the export market with stellar expressions of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and other international favorites.

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