There’s so much to learn and explore within the world of German wine – 13 distinct regions offering numerous wine varieties in a range of styles – so to help you get started, we’re bringing wine wisdom from the pros straight to you. Welcome to Pro-Sips, our new series sharing pro-tips from sommeliers and wine experts! We’ll interview knowledgeable members of the wine industry to help you learn how to pick out the perfect bottle of German wine for you and get ideas for what to sip next!

Interview with Rania Zayyat of Lift Collective

We interviewed Rania Zayyat, the founder of Lift Collective, a community-centered, multi-channel platform advocating for equity and inclusion in the wine industry. Read about Rania’s experiences in a male-dominated wine culture, her motivation to create change in the wine industry, and what she loves about German wine.

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Interview with Jermaine Stone of Wine & Hip Hop

We interviewed Jermaine Stone, the founder & CEO of Cru Luv Selections, host of Wine and Hip Hop Show, and one of Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s 2020 40 Under 40 Tastemakers. Read about his German wine journey and how he built a platform using street culture and music to build a more inclusive wine world.

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Interview with Sommelier Chris Poldoian

Meet Chris Poldoian, WOG ambassador, sommelier and host of By The Glass podcast based in Houston, TX. From co-founding Wine Above Water after Hurricane Harvey to helping fellow beverage professionals train for road races, Chris’s curious spirit translates to his love of German wine: “venture out of your comfort zone and explore new grapes and new regions – I guarantee you’ll never get bored!”

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Interview with's Wendy Stanford

Read Wendy Stanford’s tips for tasting, pairing, and picking out German wines! As the Senior Wine Buyer at – the premier national online retailer of wine and spirits in the United States – Wendy has traveled to winemaking regions across the globe, completed her Level Four Diploma from the WSET, and has been a frequent judge for the San Francisco International Wine Competition.

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Interview with Sommelier Amy Waller

We interviewed Amy Waller, Sommelier and Group Sales Manager at France 44 Wine and Spirits in Minneapolis. Amy is a certified sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers Americas, a founding board member and the outreach director with Twin Cities Somms, and currently pursuing her WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. She has an undying love for Riesling and believes that nothing is more magical than a good bottle shared at the table with friends. Read her thoughts on German wine!

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