Five Popular Grapes With Different Names Around the World

Wine Enthusiast

Wine is a global business, and grapes have traveled internationally for thousands of years. As different varieties are adopted in new regions, they’re often been given new names— consider how France’s Syrah became Shiraz, or Primitivo became known as Zinfandel.

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How to Order Wine in a Restaurant: Pairing Tips, Sommelier Strategies

The Wall Street Journal

In part two of her crash course for fledgling oenophiles, our wine columnist lays out the basics of choosing wines that complement your meal and making sure you get the bottle you want for the table


BBQ And Wine Pairings For Summer Cookouts

Better Homes & Garden

Although beer often takes the spotlight around the grill, there are few beers that can bring out the bold flavors of barbecue better than a perfectly paired wine.

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Steely, Dry And Elegant: Eight German ‘Great Growth’ Rieslings

Wine Enthusiast

Grosses Gewächs, or “great growths,” (GG) is Germany’s top designation, which can be used for grapes like Pinot Noir and Silvaner. But Riesling is the most common.

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The Best Rosés To Sip All Summer Long


Rosé is known to be one of the most diverse types of wines because it can be made from any kind of wine-bearing red grapes. So whether you prefer something juicy and floral, or dry and herbaceous, there’s a rosé out there you’re sure to love.

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The Best Wines To Drink This Spring (And What To Serve Them With)

Food & Wine

Put away your winter coats (and heavy winter wines). This spring, give your at-home wine list a spring cleaning and take your pick of this fresh crop of wines that are just right for the season.

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Wine Is One Of My Favorite Things On The Planet; Here Are 25 Bottles I Really Love


With so many different grape names, regions, and confusing jargon, navigating the world of wine can be overwhelming. But drinking delicious wine doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

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Why You Should Explore The World Of German Pinot Noir Wines


Did you know that Germany is the third largest producer of Pinot Noir wines in the world? Joe Micallef sat down with Romana Echensperger, MW, one of Germany’s leading authorities on Pinot Noir.

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