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Ready to dive deeper into the world of German wine? Once a month, our 5 to Try series showcases five examples of stellar German wines across styles, grapes, and Germany’s 13 wine regions.

5 to Try: Luscious Late Harvest Riesling

Riesling is capable of creating bone-dry to stunningly sweet wines, and Germany’s expressions of sweet Rieslings are among the world’s most coveted. A key factor in the superb quality of German Riesling is its acidity, which creates balance and keeps the wines from tasting overly cloying. Learn the terms to look for on labels and check out this list of lusciously sweet – yet perfectly balanced – late harvest Rieslings!

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5 to Try: Talkin’ Trocken - Dry German Riesling

We can’t say it enough: Not. All. Riesling. Is. Sweet! In fact, over 60% of all wine made in Germany is classified as dry or off-dry, and Riesling is no exception. While German Riesling can create world-renowned sweet wines, today it’s more commonly used to create bone-dry styles with electric acidity. Learn how to shop for dry German Riesling and try these 5 selections!

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5 to Try: German Sekt – A New Sparkling Wine for a New Year

The origins of Sekt date back to the early 19th century, when a number of German winemakers studied in Champagne and brought their learnings home. German sparkling wine production skyrocketed, and today’s producers have perfected the art of high quality Sekt from a range of grapes. These 5 selections represent bubbly expressions of Riesling, Elbling, Pinot Noir, and blends.

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5 to Try: Spätburgunder’s Time to Shine

Pinot Noir is produced in almost every major wine-producing country in the world. But this beloved grape particularly thrives in Germany, where it reaches top form in the country’s cooler climate. Its found a home in all 13 German winemaking regions and is undoubtedly Germany’s most important red variety. Try these 5 Spätburgunders to see what all the hype is about!

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5 to Try: Behold These Bold German Blends

This ‘5 to Try’ dives into the world of German wine blends! More and more estates are experimenting with blending traditional varietals to mix up unforgettable cuvees. Each of these exciting examples is made from a different combination of grapes and from a different region.

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5 to Try: Silvaner is the Season’s Silver Lining

This month, the spotlight’s on Silvaner! Silvaner is one variety that’s made its home in Germany, which accounts for over 70% of the world’s Silvaner plantings. It’s juicy and mouth-filling, with mild acidity and delicate earthy and fruity tones. So grab a Bocksbeutel and raise a glass of Silvaner to new tasting opportunities!

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5 to Try: Undiscovered Gems of German White Wines

Get to know some of the lesser-known German white wine varieties – from grapes you’ve probably seen before, like Sauvignon Blanc, to more traditional ones native to Germany, like Elbling and Gutedel.

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5 to Try: Sun-sational Pinot Blancs

Germany’s light and silky Pinot Blanc reigns as a refreshing summer wine to pour by the pool or sip by the sea. Make the most of your summer fun by bringing a bottle of crisp and bright German Pinot Blanc (Weissburgunder) along!

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5 to Try: Picnic Perfect Pinot Gris

Germany’s crisp and refreshing white wines are enjoyable year-round, but especially under the heat of the summer sun. Consider packing a mouth-watering and zesty German Pinot Gris (Grauburgunder) in your picnic basket!

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5 to Try: Radiant German Rosé Wines

With spring in full bloom, our May selection is all about Rosé! The perfect pink drink has become a warm-weather staple thanks to its thirst quenching freshness in the warm sun.

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5 to Try: Sustainable Sips

In honor of the 50th celebration of Earth Day, the wines in April’s 5 to Try demonstrate Germany’s dedication to sustainable viticulture and winemaking!

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5 to Try: A Range Of Rieslings

In March, we focused on German Riesling in honor of Riesling Birthday, celebrated worldwide on March 13th. These picks provide a well-rounded representation of Riesling’s many styles.

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