Winemaker Spotlights

Meet the winemakers behind your favorite German wines! In our monthly series “Whose *Wine* Is It Anyway?” we profile a German estate and delve into the story and background of the people behind the wines.

Meet Marcel & Marius Dillmann

In July we’re focusing on the winemakers behind Weingut Karlo Dillmann, brothers Marcel and Marius Dillmann. From Germany’s Rheingau region, Marcel and Marius represent the next generation of German vintners who are eagerly reinventing German winemaking. Together, the second-generation wine growers are introducing sustainable measures into their vineyards, modernizing the estate’s wine house, and rebranding Dillmann wines with their edginess.

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Meet Weingut Kruger-Rumpf

In June, we focused on the winemakers behind Weingut Kruger-Rumpf, Stefan Rumpf and his sons Philipp and Georg. The family’s winemaking philosophy balances continuous experimentation with traditional winemaking methods, resulting in world-class wines that reflect each site’s distinct terroir.

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Meet The Christmann Family

May’s spotlighted estate dates back to the 16th century but continues to evolve and adapt – perfectly epitomizing the intersection of tradition and innovation at the heart of the German wine industry. Get to know Weingut Christmann and the father-daughter duo, Steffen and Sophie, who manage the winery today.

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Meet Weingut Meyer-Näkel

In honor of Earth Day, the April winemaker spotlight focused on the women behind Weingut Meyer-Näkel, sister winemakers Meike and Dörte Näkel. Meyer-Näkel is a member estate of the German association Fair ‘N Green, which supports winemakers practicing sustainable and biodynamic viticulture.

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Meet Winemaker Julia Bertram

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, our first winemaker spotlight profiled one of Germany’s most buzzed-about young women winemakers, Julia Bertram of the Ahr region! Julia served as the 64th German Wine Queen before taking over her family’s estate, which was recently renamed Weingut Bertram-Baltes as Julia’s husband, Benedikt Baltes formally joined the team.

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